Trying Times At Triterras Though Opportunity To Disrupt Trade Finance Too Good To Ignore

Triterras (TRIT) operates Kratos, one of the world’s largest commodity trading and trade finance platforms, which connects and enables SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise) commodity traders to source trades and capital online via its secured blockchain technology. The Kratos platform helps solve the counterparty discovery and trade finance problems of roughly 1 million underserved SME traders. Kratos connects a community of trade finance borrowers with willing trade finance lenders. The platform increases confidence in both parties because it requires KYC, AML, and financial information prior to entering in transactions. Using blockchain technology, Kratos helps SME traders streamline the documentation and transaction processes which can be challenging and costly when done on their own. TRIT monetizes the Kratos platform by charging fees to its users on commodity trading and trade finance transaction volumes.

At 1035 Capital, we find TRIT to be one of the most attractive and disruptive SPACs to have come public in quite some time. One of our core tenants of investing is “front running the black box” (See our recent interview with Seeking Alpha here to learn more about our investment philosophy) meaning we aim to target companies undergoing positive change(s) or catalysts before it becomes obvious to other participants in the market and thus more likely to be priced in. These catalysts are often hard to identify and analyzing their impacts can be time consuming. This creates the conditions for under-followed and mispriced assets such as TRIT.

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