Small Cap Core

Small Cap Core is our flagship strategy that is benchmarked against the Russell 2000. We aim to maintain better than index growth and lower than index valuation by employing our catalyst-driven investing approach.

This concentrated portfolio typically contains between 35-60 positions that are actively managed using only our best ideas. Our Core portfolio targets growth and value names to achieve our desired portfolio metrics. We believe this approach allows us to outperform for a greater portion of the business cycle. See our latest performance fact sheet.

Our Small Cap Core strategy includes growth and value companies to create a portfolio with better than Russell 2000 growth and value metrics.

Key Portfolio Tenets

Catalyst-Driven InvestingTargets companies with improving business fundamentals ensuring each position in the portfolio is operationally sound with ample opportunities to drive future outperformance over 9-24 months.
Intelligent DiversificationMaintains a portfolio of 35-60 of our best ideas, creating high active share compared to our benchmark, the Russell 2000, which is a key characteristic for differentiated portfolio performance.
AllocationUses a proprietary sector selection model to systematically allocate among sectors and industries.
Position managementMonitors positions actively and continuously to evaluate progress toward the investment thesis.
Risk managementEmploys a proprietary selling strategy to minimize emotional decision making and help mitigate the uncertainties inherent to investing in equities.