Midwest Energy Emissions: SEA Change Underway, Don’t Miss The Rising Tide Lifting This Boat

Just a few years ago the outlook for Midwest Energy Emissions (MEEC) was pretty bleak. However, with CEO Richard MacPherson’s leadership, the company re-envisioned its strategy, cut costs, and pivoted away from manufacturing and product trials toward tightening up its patent portfolio in preparation for lawsuits. Additionally, the company has been cleaning up its balance sheet in preparation for a Nasdaq up-listing within the next month or so. Concurrently, management is also laying the groundwork to enter three new business verticals mentioned above by leveraging their proprietary SEA core product.

MEEC has numerous clear catalysts to improve sales growth both from its patent lawsuits and the new emerging products. We expect the new products to drive faster sales growth at higher margins compared to the core mercury mitigation business. Furthermore, as the company ramps sales, the improved asset efficiency will act as a multiplier to future earnings.

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