LiqTech International Inc.: Pounding The Table As O&G Takes Shape Plus Black Carbon And NOx Opportunities Are Ahead Of Plan

LiqTech International is in the middle stages of supplying ceramic silicon carbide filters to closed-loop scrubber manufacturers for the IMO 2020 regulatory implementation cycle, which is expected to peak in 2024. Large shipowners are returning to the market ordering and installing scrubbers, taking a longer-term view of the opportunity. Over 120 ports worldwide have banned the use of open-loop scrubbers. Additionally, the European Parliament’s environmental committee recently voted to support an open-loop ban, potentially adding 4000 ships to LiqTech International’s TAM.

The company is entering the O&G filtration market through a JV in the Middle East. The O&G market provides longer-duration revenue opportunities and higher ASPs per job, plus 49% of the profits from the JV. The recent announcement of an earlier-than-anticipated entry into the black carbon and NOx reduction markets provides another large and exciting market opportunity for this relatively small company.

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