Our Firm

1035 Capital Management LLC is a St. Louis based equity manager dedicated to generating premier investment returns for our individual, advisors, and institutional clients. We are an independent and 100% employee owned investment adviser.

Our team’s top priority is to provide a superior investment experience for our clients through strong investment performance and excellent customer service. Our aim is to build meaningful partnerships based on trust and integrity while employing our passion for investing to increase long-term wealth for our clients.

Our highly skilled investment professionals are committed to building the next generation of asset management. We are relentlessly focused on driving the best return possible for our clients while scaling our product offerings in an efficient and customer friendly manner. We often partner with advisors to manage their clients’ unique situations as well as provide new portfolio options based on demand, such as our high yield preferred strategy and asset allocation services.

At 1035, our investment philosophy is to target companies undergoing fundamental improvements that should drive future stock returns. These positive changes, or catalysts, are hard to identify and analyzing their impacts can be time consuming. This creates the conditions for under-followed and mispriced assets. We believe our disciplined and fundamental catalyst-driven approach is the best way to take advantage of these difficult to evaluate opportunities. Read more about our investment philosophy.

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