Amyris, Inc: A Sweet Future Brought To You By John Doerr

Billionaire investor John Doerr holds 19.99% of Amyris, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMRS) common equity and is actively trying to gather as much of the company’s warrants and debt as possible. Why would an investor with the track record of Mr. Doerr buy up every piece of paper possible from a company that on the surface appears to be going bankrupt? While at first glance AMRS looks in deep trouble, we at 1035 Capital have found a few reasons why Mr. Doerr has repeatedly opened his wallet to this struggling company, and in our opinion, is likely to continue to do so. In short, AMRS science and IP could be a game-changer for many large markets. Additionally, AMRS appears to be transitioning to a much-improved business model focused on higher-priced, higher margin, and faster-growing products which should translate to a bright future for AMRS shareholders, especially Mr. Doerr.

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